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CEMS Computer Loaner Program

The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences has partnered with Enterprise Technology Services and the Tech Team to maintain a limited pool of loaner laptops available at the request of undergraduate students currently taking a course in CEMS. These laptops are available only when the student’s primary laptop is undergoing repairs by the Tech Team or undergoing verified repairs via a third-party vendor.

Software Access

The loaner laptops are all Dell models and run Windows 10 with the following software:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Office
  • OneDrive
  • VMware Horizon Client

Students will not be able to install applications directly on the loaner laptop. CEMS students have access to Virtual Votey via the VMware Horizon Client. Virtual Votey hosts all applications required by CEMS courses.

Data Access

Students are encouraged to use Microsoft OneDrive for file storage and backup. OneDrive is officially supported by UVM and instructions on its use can be found here: https://www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/onedrive. This system will allow students to access their files from the loaner laptop immediately and without Tech Team intervention.


The UVM Laptop Loaner Program is intended for academic use and only when the student’s primary computer is undergoing repairs or maintenance. Some examples are:

  • Hardware failure requiring a repair by the Tech Team
  • Hardware failure requiring a repair by an external vendor (verification of repairs required)
  • Malware/Virus scan performed by the Tech Team
  • Data backup/recovery following a failure

Lending Periods

Laptops will be loaned for a length of time based on the work being performed on the laptop. Some repairs will only take a few hours while some may take up to a week. The initial loan term will be at the discretion of the Tech Team with the opportunity to extend the term if repairs are taking longer than anticipated.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the care of the laptop they are currently borrowing and must:

  • Follow best practices related to both physical and network/information security
  • Prevent damage to, loss of, and theft of the laptop
  • Remove/backup personal data from the laptop before it is returned
    • Data left on the laptop will be irretrievably erased upon return
  • Return the laptop in good condition on or before the due date of the loan term
    • If a loan term extension is necessary, email techteam@uvm.edu with relevant details and documentation.

Requesting a Loaner

Any student enrolled in a CEMS course may request a laptop loaner from the UVM Tech Team when they have a computer that requires repairs. This request must be made in person at the Tech Team Computer Clinic located in I-117 Billings/Ira Allen Chapel.

Students taking a CEMS course but not fully matriculated into the College of Engineering and Math Sciences may need to contact their instructor prior to requesting a loaner. In such cases, the instructor will need to request a class account for these students by contacting help@cems.uvm.edu.

If the computer is undergoing repairs by the Tech Team, the request can be made at the time those repairs are scheduled. If the computer is being repaired by an outside vendor, verification of those repairs (receipt, RMA request, shipping information) will be required before the request will be accepted.

All requests will be recorded and filled in the order they were made. There is a limited loaner pool, so a loaner is not guaranteed. All questions should be directed to the Tech Team at techteam@uvm.edu.

Updated on January 23, 2020

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