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Adobe Creative Cloud

Extended Licensing for Home Use

Adobe has granted remote access to their Creative Cloud suite of applications through July 6, 2020. See https://www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/adobe-creative-cloud-remote-access for details.

Picture of the Adobe Creative Cloud icon.Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of software applications for graphic design, photo and video editing, web development and more, including popular titles like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and InDesign.

While UVM does not license Creative Cloud for use everywhere, you can find Creative Cloud applications installed in select computer classrooms and labs across campus. In these multi-user environments, use of any Creative Cloud application will requiring logging in as an authorized user. This is most easily accomplished by using your active UVM NetID.

Log in with UVM NetID

  1. After logging in to the lab or classroom computer, launch any Creative Cloud application, such as Photoshop or Premiere Pro.
  2. When prompted with the Adobe ID Sign In window, enter your UVM email address in the Email address field. You can use any address as long as it ends in @uvm.edu.Picture of the Adobe ID Sign In window showing a UVM email address entered into the "Email address" field.
  3. When you proceed to the Password field (by clicking it with the mouse, or using the Tab key on the keyboard), you should automatically be redirected to UVM’s sign-in page.Picture of the Adobe Sign In window showing authentication redirection.
  4. At UVM’s sign-in page, enter your UVM NetID and password and click Login.Picture of the UVM Single Sign-On window showing example NetID and obfuscated password.
  5. If successful, the Adobe ID Sign In window should disappear and you can continue with the launched Creative Cloud application.
Other Ways to Log In

If you have an existing, active Adobe ID from prior use of Adobe Creative Cloud services, that may also be used to sign in to the Adobe software, however it may not be able to use all installed Creative Cloud applications, depending on the specific products that Adobe ID has been authorized to use by the license holder.

Troubleshooting Steps

Okta “Error Code: UNKNOWN_USER”
After attempting to log in, you may get redirected to an Okta window with the text “Error Code: UNKNOWN_USER” displayed in the bottom left.Picture of the Adobe ID Sign In window showing the 400 UNKNOWN_USER error message.This is typically generated when the UVM NetID used for authentication is not in Adobe’s list of authorized users for this specific instance of the Creative Cloud license. Since individual departments, colleges, and student groups purchase their own Creative Cloud licenses, they may have not configured their license to utilize UVM login capabilities for this NetID.

Solution: Make sure you are attempting to log in with an active user NetID (do not use departmental or service account NetIDs). If the error persists, contact the computer or lab administrator about configuring their Adobe Shared Device license for UVM login.

Error messages at UVM sign in page
After attempting to log in, you may get redirected to a UVM window with text such as “ERROR: An error occurred: ExternalAuthenticationException” or other messages.Picture of the UVM Single Sign-On window showing the error message "ExternalAuthenticationException"Any error occurring at the UVM login screens is usually one of two things: an issue with the account being used to log in, or an issue with the authentication service itself.

Solution: First, just close the application and try logging in again. If the error persists, and the message indicates something about the specific NetID account being used to log in, contact Identity & Account Management to verify the status of that account. For all other errors, contact the Tech Team by submitting a help request or calling the Help Line at (802) 656-2604.

Adobe “This device was not activated properly.”
After attempting to log in, you may get redirected to an Adobe window with the text “This device was not activated properly.”Picture of the Adobe ID Sign In window showing the error message "This device was not activated properly."This issue is related to license errors that occurred during installation and is described in greater detail in this Adobe KB article.

Solution: Contact the computer or lab administrator about correctly activating the installed software with their Shared Device license.

Updated on May 7, 2020

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